Indigo System Lightning

Computer Assisted Vacuum Thrombectomy

Lightning Flash and Lightning Bolt Computer-Aided Mechanical Thrombectomy Systems

Penumbra’s Indigo® Aspiration System, launched in 2014, is designed to remove clot from arteries and veins in the peripheral vasculature, and for the treatment of pulmonary embolism.

  • A minimally-invasive device, Indigo System enables the restoration of blood flow in such cases as acute limb ischemia and venous thrombus. The Indigo System utilizes the Penumbra ENGINE® Aspiration Source capable of delivering nearly pure, continuous vacuum (-29 inHg or 98.2 kPa) to our catheters, enabling thrombus removal in vessels of various sizes. The Indigo System with Lightning® Aspiration Tubing is a computer assisted vacuum thrombectomy system powered by Penumbra ENGINE. ​

  • Designed for Accelerated Clot Detection and Removal

    Proprietary thrombus removal algorithms with intraprocedural audio-visual cues designed for:

    • Quicker clot detection1
    • Quicker patent flow detection to reduce potential blood loss1

    MaxID Technology

    • Comparable to IDs of large-bore catheters while maintaining a lower profile
    • Laser-cut stainless steel hypotube

    1. Compared to Indigo System Lightning 12

  •  The Indigo Aspiration System is comprised of several devices:​

    • Indigo Mechanical Thrombectomy Catheter​
    • Indigo Separator™​
    • Lightning Intelligent Aspiration Tubing​
    • Indigo Aspiration Tubing​
    • Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration Source​
    • Penumbra ENGINE Canister

Indigo System

Lightning Arterial, Venous, and
Pulmonary Applications

The Next Generation of CAVT (Computer Assisted Vacuum Thrombectomy)

EVT, July 2023

Lightning In Action!

Peripheral Thrombectomy


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