Indigo System CAT RX

Coronary Mechanical Thrombectomy

CATRX and CATRx catheter used in coronary thrombectomy

Penumbra introduced the Indigo System CAT RX for the removal of fresh, soft emboli and thrombi from the coronary and peripheral vasculature. Engineered with neuro-tracking technology, CAT RX is designed to navigate tortuous anatomy and track to distal coronary vasculature while maintaining sustained mechanical aspiration with the Penumbra ENGINE.

The latest CHEETAH Study was a prospective, multicenter study evaluating the safety and performance of CAT RX1 in patients with a high thrombus burden acute coronary vessel occlusion prior to PCI. CHEETAH met its primary endpoint while demonstrating high technical success and safety with improved TIMI flow, myocardial perfusion and no device-related SAEs (including stroke). Learn more about the CHEETAH study results here: CHEETAH Study Results

1. Precaution: The safety and effectiveness of this device for use in the treatment of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) has not been established. Complications from the use of this device in this manner could lead to death, permanent impairment, and/or the need for emergency medical intervention.

    • Advanced trackability with neuro-tracking technology
    • Enhanced deliverability with proximal laser-cut hypotube
    • Large aspiration lumen for maximised clot engagement
    • Powered by Penumbra ENGINE, designed to maximise aspiration for powerful, deep vacuum
    • 5.3 F (1.75 mm), 140 cm length
      • 29 cm rapid exchange segment
      • .014″ wire compatible
    • 6 F Guide Compatible (.070″ ID or larger)
    • Compatible with Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration Source and Penumbra ENGINE Canister

    CATRX Illustration of length and width specifications listed above

CHEETAH Study Results

Indigo System CAT RX Features & Data

New Evidence Supports Continuous Power Aspiration with Indigo System CAT RX

CIT, May 2022

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Images used with permission and provided for illustrative purposes only. Procedural techniques and decisions based on physician’s medical judgment. Individual results may vary. Consents on file at Penumbra, Inc.


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