REAL y-Series

Rehabilitation with VR

REAL y-Series VR headset and sensors in their fitted charging case that resembles a white rolling suitcase

REAL y-Series® is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation tool that uses virtual reality (VR), designed for clinicians to monitor and advance patient goals, drive patient engagement, and increase satisfaction and adherence.

  • REAL y-Series delivers on the promise to continuously drive value to clinicians and engage patients with:

    • Enhanced Experiences and Activities
    • Enhanced interface within TherapyView (the clinician’s hub on the tablet)
    • Next generation hardware designed for quick, easy performance
    • Shoulder Range of Motion (ROM)
    • Knee ROM
    • Full-body strengthening
    • Spine stablization
    • Hip ROM
    • ADL training
    • Functional reaching
    • Fine motor skills
    • Cognition
    • Object recognition
    • Attention sequencing
    • Command following
  • TherapyView is a tablet application that allows clinicians to guide patient sessions and customize REAL® Experiences, tailoring Activities to each patient’s specific needs and goals.

    The tablet’s full-screen user interface shows the content the patient sees while wearing the headset. With this tablet view, clinicians can guide patients through each activity and interact with the patient experience in real time.

    Enhancements in TherapyView:

    • Adjustable settings are designed to challenge, motivate, and engage patients in new ways
    • REAL Home provides a serene, visual-scanning experience where patients adjust to using the VR headset
    • Rewards-based feedback provides intrinsic motivation to patients and builds upon prior session’s progress for motivation and positive reinforcement
    • Therapist and patient profiles can be stored across multiple sessions
    • Detailed information cards and activity descriptions help clinicians identify experiences and activities by motion and cognitive tasks

Immersive Rehabilitation Experiences and Activities


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