REAL i-Series

Mental Wellness and Cognition with VR

REAL i-Series VR headset with images of Paris, France in the lenses

REAL i-Series® is designed to offer VR-enabled immersive experiences for cognitive activation, distraction therapy, reminiscence therapy, mindfulness therapy, and relaxation therapy.

  • REAL i-Series offers engaging, immersive, gaze-based apps and experiences to a broad range of care providers and mental health professionals who support people with depressed and anxious moods, pain and discomfort, loneliness, and age-related challenges. REAL i-Series includes REAL Connect™ with REAL Remote™, a first-to-market virtual reality (VR) communication capability that provides one-to-one, real-time video and audio communication to share experiences.

    • Hands-free gaze control or voice command option
    • REAL Connect with REAL Remote allows providers, family or friends to join or assist the user VR experience
    • Use with or without Wi-Fi, designed for individual use

REAL i-Series Apps and Experiences

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Product availability varies by country. REAL i-Series is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes. It is intended to support general wellness through immersive virtual experiences. Any health related concerns should be directed to a healthcare provider.

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