Lightning Bolt 7

The Most Powerful & Advanced Arterial Thrombectomy Device

Lightning Bolt 7 Catheter, Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration source, and Lightning Bolt 7 Control

Computer Assisted Vacuum Thrombectomy

  • Designed for Accelerated, Endovascular Thrombus Removal

    Bolt Mode

    • Modulated aspiration designed to rapidly remove thrombus and restore flow

    Dual Clot Detection Algorithms

    • Pressure differential and flow-based algorithms designed for:
      • Quicker clot detection1
      • Quicker patent flow detection1

     MaxID Catheter Technology 

    • Maximized inner diameter, minimized outer diameter
    • Atraumatic laser-cut hypotube design
    • TORQ tip shape for circumferential sweep

    1. Compared to Indigo® System Lightning® 7

    • 7 F sheath compatible
    • 130 cm working length (TORQ Tip)
    • .014–.038″ wire platform
    • Packaged with Lightning Bolt Aspiration Tubing

    Lightning Bolt 7 Illustration of Widths, Lengths, and Specifications listed above

Related Cases

Images used with permission and provided for illustrative purposes only. Procedural techniques and decisions based on physician’s medical judgment. Individual results may vary. Consents on file at Penumbra, Inc.


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