Indigo System

Computer-Aided Peripheral Thrombectomy

Indigo System with Lightning 12 and Lightning 7 Computer-Aided Mechanical Thrombectomy Systems

Penumbra’s Indigo™ Aspiration System, launched in 2014, is designed to remove clot from arteries and veins in the peripheral vasculature, and for the treatment of pulmonary embolism.

  • A minimally-invasive device, Indigo System enables the restoration of blood flow in such cases as acute limb ischaemia and venous thrombus. The Indigo System utilises the Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration Source capable of delivering nearly pure, continuous vacuum (-29 inHg or 98.2 kPa)a to our catheters, enabling thrombus removal in vessels of various sizes. The Indigo System with Lightning Aspiration Tubing is a computer-aided aspiration system powered by Penumbra ENGINE. ​

    a. Data on file at Penumbra, Inc

  • The Indigo System with Lightning Aspiration Tubing is an intelligent aspiration system powered by Penumbra ENGINE.

    Computer-Aided Mechanical Aspiration

    • Microprocessor with proprietary thrombus removal algorithm

    Clot Detection

    • Automatic valve control

    Intraprocedural audio-visual cues

    • Designed to help operator identify thrombus location
  •  The Indigo Aspiration System is comprised of several devices:​

    • Indigo CAT Mechanical Thrombectomy Catheter​
    • Indigo Separator™​
    • Lightning Intelligent Aspiration Tubing​
    • Indigo Aspiration Tubing​
    • Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration Source​
    • Penumbra ENGINE Canister

Peripheral Thrombectomy


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