Neuro Thrombectomy System

Penumbra System consisting of Red Reperfusion Catheters & Penumbra Engine for use in Neuro Thrombectomy
  • The Penumbra System is a fully-integrated system designed specifically for mechanical thrombectomy, first receiving 510(k) clearance by the FDA in December 2007. The Penumbra System is designed to remove thrombus and restore blood flow in the neurovasculature using aspiration. The Penumbra System includes RED Reperfusion Catheters, 3D Revascularization Device, Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration Source, and accessories.

  • The latest generation of the Penumbra System features the Penumbra RED Reperfusion Catheters (RED 62, RED 68, and RED 72). The RED family of catheters provides a full range of catheters designed to allow physicians adapt to any situation.

  • The Penumbra System is comprised of several devices:​

    • Catheters:
      • RED 72 Reperfusion Catheter
      • RED 68 Reperfusion Catheter
      • RED 62 Reperfusion Catheter
    • 3D Revascularization Device
    • Penumbra ENGINE
    • Penumbra ENGINE Canister
    • Aspiration Tubing

Neuro Thrombectomy


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