Peripheral Embolisation

Designed for Immediate and Long-Term Mechanical Occlusion

The Penumbra Peripheral Embolisation System relies on mechanical occlusions designed for immediate and long-term occlusions. The Penumbra Peripheral Embolisation System consists of large volume platinum-based bare metal coils designed for delivery through high-flow microcatheters for arterial and venous embolisation within the peripheral vasculature.

  • Consisting of Ruby Coil, POD, Packing Coil, and LANTERN High-Flow Microcatheter this system works in conjunction to help facilitate simplified and efficient embolisation procedures.

    Graphic displaying Embolisation system products, uses, and sizes (dimensions below) in a triangle


    Ruby Coil

    • Frame and Fill Aneurysms and Vessels
    • Versatile Soft Coils with 3D Shape
    • Large Volume System: 2 mm × 1 cm – 40 mm × 60 cm

    Packing Coil

    • Pack Behind Ruby or POD Backstop
    • “Liquid Metal” Coil
    • Large Volume System: 5 – 60 cm Lengths


    • High-Flow Vessel Sacrifice
    • Anchoring & Packing Segment for High-Flow
    • Large Volume System:  3 – 14 mm Devices

    Renderings are for illustrative purposes only.

    Individual results may vary depending on patient-specific attributes and other factors.

  • Mechanical Occlusion showcasing recanalisation rate (details below) with text "Thicker and softer coils for dense and efficient packing"

    Penumbra coilsa are designed to be thicker and softer to densely pack, creating a mechanical occlusion with the potential for less reliance on thrombus formation. Penumbra coils have shown low rates of recanalisation of 2.2%1

    a. 30 cm Packing Coil delivered through Penumbra LANTERN High-Flow Microcatheter into 4 mm glass tube.

    1. Vogler J, Gemender M, Samoilov D. Packing density and long-term occlusion after transcatheter vessel embolization with soft, bare-platinum detachable coils. Am J Interv Radiol. 2020;4(2). doi:10.25259/AJIR_31_2019.

    Photographs taken by and on file at Penumbra, Inc. Tests performed at Penumbra, Inc. Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance. The clinical results presented herein are for information purposes only, and may not be predictive for all patients. Individual results may vary depending on patient-specific attributes and other factors.

  • Graphic Describing the length and thickness of the Peripheral Embolization System with text "Penumbra Coil Technology" (Details Below)

    Penumbra’s large volume coils are the only coil system to provide 60 cm length and .020″ thicknessa

    • Large Volume System
      • .025″ – .027″ Microcatheter Compatibility

    a. As of October 2023.

    Renderings for illustrative purposes only.

Peripheral Embolisation


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