• Ruby Coil is a large-volume coil that can be delivered through LANTERN, a high-flow microcatheter. Indicated for arterial and venous embolisation in the peripheral vasculature, Ruby Coil’s characteristic softness and 3D complex shape is designed to allow the coil to densely pack aneurysms and vessels in a variety of clinical applications.

    Ruby Coil allows physicians to use longer and larger volume coils, potentially reducing procedural time and total number of devices required.a Ruby Coil has two softness levels, Standard and Soft, and can be repositioned to achieve ideal placement.

    a. Berge J, Gariel, F, Marnat G, Dousset V. PC400 volumetric coils minimize radiation, reduce procedure time and optimize packing density during endovascular treatment in medium sized cerebral aneurysms. J Neuroradiol. 2016 Feb;43(1):37-42. Doi:10.1016/jneurad.2015.10.002

    • 3D complex shape
    • Multiple levels of softness designed to allow for tight packing without catheter kick out
    • Fully resheathable and detachable
    • Large-volume system
      • High-flow microcatheter compatible (minimum .025″ (.635 mm) ID)
      • 2–40 mm diameters
      • 1–60 cm lengths
  • Diagram illustrating instructions on how to use detachment handle with 3 individual steps contained in boxes and text "before detachment" in box 1, and text "after detachment" in box 3. Box 2 suggests a clicking an audible clicking sound will be made when detached.

    Ruby Coil is deployed using a one-click mechanical detachment handle.

    Renderings for illustrative purposes only.


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