Distal Delivery Catheters (DDC)

winding and twisting Distal Delivery Catheters used for neurovascular access

The Penumbra 5MAX® and 4MAX™ Distal Delivery Catheters (DDC) are designed to simplify therapy delivery to the most distal, tortuous anatomy. The tapered inner shaft maximizes the effective flow lumen to facilitate exceptional angiographic roadmapping. These catheters are offered in three lengths, enabling a wide variety of device compatibility.

  • 5MAX DDC and 4MAX DDC

    • 5MAX DDC 115 cm is compatible with neurovascular microcatheter, balloon and stent/flow diverter delivery systems
    • 4MAX DDC has a distal profile, useful in smaller, more distal anatomy
    • 5MAX DDC effective flow lumen— .062″ (1.57 mm)
    • 4MAX DDC effective flow lumen— .053″ (1.35 mm)
    • Distal radiopaque marker band
    • Polished atraumatic tip design
    • Lengths include: 115 cm, 125 cm, and 130 cm


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