RED® 43 Reperfusion Catheter

Designed for Smoother Delivery and
Increased Distal Aspiration

RED 43 is the newest addition to the RED Family. It is designed to take deliverability of RED 62, RED 68, and RED 72 to the next level with optimized lumen occupation. With an .043″ lumen, it provides powerful distal aspiration with Penumbra ENGINE®. Like all our RED catheters, RED 43 features REDglide Technology, and its soft distal design allows for enhanced and compliant delivery in tortuosity.

⚠️ Indications, Safety, and Warnings

  • .043″ Lumen: Delivers powerful distal aspiration
  • 1.52 mm (.060″) Outer Dimension: Low profile and atraumatic design for distal deliverability
  • Compatible with RED 62, RED 68, and RED 72: Optimized Lumen Occupation
  • REDglide Technology: Designed to enhance delivery in tortuosity
  • Precision Tip: Articulating marker band with short polymer tip design for optimal visualization and placement
  • Full-Length PTFE Liner: Designed for durability and lumen integrity under powerful aspiration
  • Proximal Hybrid Stainless Steel & Nitinol Coil Wind: Engineered to provide optimal support
  • 160 cm Length: To reach target vessel
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RED<sup>®</sup> 43 Reperfusion Catheter