RED 72 Reperfusion Catheter with SENDit Technology

Illustration of RED 72 Reperfusion Catheter in use with SENDit Technology which is used for mechanical thrombectomy

RED® 72 is our large-bore Reperfusion Catheter which provides the highest TRF on the marketa. RED 72 is now available with SENDit Technology. SENDit is designed to simplify preparation and ease delivery of RED 72.

a. As compared to AXS Vecta™ 71 and Stryker®(Medela), LBC and Vacuson 60, React™ 71 and Riptide™, AXS Vecta 74 and Stryker (Medela), and Zoom™ 71 and Zoom pump. Thrombus Removal Force (TRF) = (Catheter Tip Area) × (Vacuum). Sources: company website, marketing literature, IFU, and data on file.

  • Penumbra’s RED Reperfusion Catheters (RED 72, RED 72 with SENDit Technology, RED 68, RED 62, and RED 43) are intended for use in the revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Every case is different, and the RED family of catheters provides a full range of products designed to optimize lumen size and trackability for the situation. All five products feature new REDglide technology which is designed to improve catheter interaction with vessels and to enhance delivery in tortuosity.  

    • Preloaded in RED 72 for simplified setup
    • 1 Flush Point for quick preparation
    • Occupies 99% of RED 72 lumenb
    • Tapered distal tip
    • .014″ wire compatible

    b. Data on file at Penumbra, Inc

    • Delivers and maintains nearly pure vacuum (-29.2 inHg or 98.9 kPa)c
    • Simple setup
    • Integrated clot catcher
    • Disposable Penumbra ENGINE® Canister
    • Compatible with all Penumbra System® Reperfusion Catheters

    c. Data on file at Penumbra, Inc

RED 72 with SENDit Video


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