LANTERN Delivery Microcatheter

Lantern Delivery Microcatheter Illustration

The LANTERN® Delivery Microcatheter is a high-flow microcatheter with an inner lumen of .025″ enabling confident large-volume coil delivery. LANTERN also offers a catheter shaft constructed with 8 transition zones for advanced trackability. LANTERN features a radiopaque distal shaft for enhanced visibility and dual distal marker bands to facilitate confident and precise coil deployment in tortuous anatomy.

    • High-flow microcatheter (2.6 F (.867 mm) OD, .025″ (.635 mm) ID)
    • Available lengths: 115 cm, 135 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm
    • Dual distal marker bands 3 cm apart facilitate precise coil deployment
    • Radiopaque distal 3 cm
    • Tip shapes: Straight, 45o, 90o
    • 2.6 F Distal OD, 2.95 F Proximal OD, & .025″ ID
      • For high-flow access to small tortuous vessels
    • 115 cm, 135 cm, 150 cm, & 160 cm lengths
    • Dual Markers
      • Designed to facilitate precise coil deployment
    • Radiopaque Distal 3 cm
      • Increased visibility
    • Coil Wound Construction
      • Designed to minimize ovalization and enable confident large volume coil delivery
    • 8 Transition Zones
      • Engineered for advanced trackability

Embolization System Coil Reference Guide

MRI Compatibility


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