Feel the power of CAVT and learn how Computer Assisted Vacuum Thrombectomy (CAVT) with Lightning Flash and Lightning Bolt 7 is transforming patient care.

NOW IS THE TIME LOGO and Lightning Flash Module
NOW IS THE TIME LOGO and Lightning Flash Mechanism exploded showing the circuit boards NOW IS THE TIME LOGO and Lightning Flash Mechanism exploded showing the circuit boards

CAVT is the most powerful & advanced mechanical thrombectomy system

CAVT is the latest advancement in mechanical thrombectomy, utilizing computer assisted technology designed to enhance the speed, safety, and simplicity of clot removal in vascular interventions. This technology leverages the power of microprocessors equipped with dual clot detection algorithms, designed to facilitate rapid recognition and removal of blood clots while minimizing potential blood loss.a The heart of this innovation lies in its ability to offer a more powerful and advanced alternative to traditional methods such as open surgery, large-bore aspiration thrombectomy (LBAT), and catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT).

Features of CAVT:

  • Designed for rapid clot detection & removala
  • Designed for quicker flow detection to minimize potential blood lossa
  • MaxID catheter technology designed to navigate tortuous and delicate anatomy

a. Compared to Indigo® System Lightning® 12 and Lightning 7.

Transformative Advancements

  • Close of the Lightning Flash mechanism with Lightning Flash catheter

    Lightning Flash

    Lightning Flash is the most powerful and advanced thrombectomy system for venous thrombectomy and the treatment of PE. It is designed for accelerated clot detection and removal through the use of dual clot detection algorithms and MaxID technology.

  • Lightning Bolt 7 Catheter, Penumbra ENGINE Aspiration source, and Lightning Bolt 7 Control

    Lightning Bolt 7

    Designed for accelerated, endovascular thrombus removal, Lightning Bolt 7 is the latest in CAVT innovation. Paired with a 7 F stainless steel hypotube catheter, Lightning Bolt 7 offers high power, low profile thrombus removal.

Speed, Safety & Simplicity Design in Action

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