Penumbra product development focuses on optimizing Science-Based Aspiration Thrombectomy (S-BAT). With an ingrained understanding of science and physics, every Penumbra design prioritizes safety, simplicity, and speed, setting industry standards.

NOW is the TIME logo and RED 72 Catheter with SENDit
NOW is the TIME logo and RED 72 Catheter with SENDit NOW is the TIME logo and RED 72 Catheter with SENDit

RED® 72 with SENDit Technology is the fastest and most advanced neuro mechanical thrombectomy system availablea.

RED 72 with SENDit Technology embodies meaningful innovation in stroke care. Penumbra’s 14th iteration of stroke catheter brings speed, simplicity, and safety to stroke patients across the globe. RED 72 with SENDit technology reduces and simplifies the steps needed to prepare the reperfusion catheter for use. The 99% lumen occupation allows for fast delivery of the large .072″ lumen of RED 72. Paired with Penumbra ENGINE® Pump, RED 72 with SENDit has the most powerful thrombus removal force available.

Features of RED 72 with SENDit Technology:

  • Preloaded for simple preparation
  • 99% lumen occupation for fast delivery
  • Powerful -29.2 inHg Penumbra ENGINE Pump

a. Tests performed and data on file at Penumbra, Inc. Testing performed evaluated two variables: 1. Device unpackaging and preparation time, and 2. Aspiration catheter tracking time. Bench results may not be indicative of clinical performance. Physicians’ treatment and technique decisions will vary based on their medical judgment. Individual results may vary depending on patient-specific attributes and other factors. The aspiration system includes the respective manufacturer’s commercially available guide catheter, delivery or intermediate catheter, and large-bore aspiration catheter. Systems tested include the Stryker® AXS Vecta® Aspiration System, Imperative Care™ Zoom™ Aspiration System, and the Penumbra RED 72 with SENDit Technology Aspiration System.

S-BAT Support
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The CANADAPT manuscript published in Interventional Neuroradiology establishes a standardized approach to ADAPT (A Direct Aspiration First Pass Technique), a widely used but widely variable technique for aspiration thrombectomy.

This approach considers the underlying physics of aspiration thrombectomy and is designed to maximize clot ingestion and maintain catheter position. Early clinical experience has been promising, suggesting that CANADAPT is both safe and effective as a frontline technique for endovascular thrombectomy.

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FPE 30

The FPE30 (first pass effect within 30 minutes) analysis examined 1,310 patients from the Stroke Thrombectomy and Aneurysm Registry (STAR) who attained excellent reperfusion (TICI 2C/3). These patients were categorized based on the number of passes (FPE vs. no FPE) and total procedure time (<30 vs. >30 min) to evaluate their likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome (mRS 0-2).

The findings revealed that patients who underwent FPE within thirty minutes had markedly better chances (OR 1.12, P=0.001) of experiencing a positive outcome compared to those achieving TICI 2C/3 with multiple passes and/or exceeding thirty minutes. The results support that FPE within 30 minutes plays a significant role in improving patient outcomes.

S-BAT Programming

S-BAT Logo that reads "Science-Based Aspiration Thrombectomy" S-BAT Logo that reads "Science-Based Aspiration Thrombectomy"

Transformative Advancements

  • Illustration of RED 72 Reperfusion Catheter in use with SENDit Technology which is used for mechanical thrombectomy

    RED 72 with SENDit Technology

    RED 72 with SENDit Technology is designed for speed, safety, and simplicity in stroke intervention. Preloaded in RED 72 for simplified setup, it features one flush point for swift preparation. Occupying 99% of RED 72 lumen, its tapered distal tip ensures precise navigation through the neurovasculature.

  • Illustration of MIDWAY Catheters

    MIDWAY Intermediate Catheters

    Designed to provide essential, stable access to a variety of intracranial procedures, the MIDWAY Intermediate Catheters are the latest iterations of Penumbra’s access technologies. Each catheter is engineered with distal hydrophilic coating to optimize tracking and features a full-length PTFE liner to optimize support.


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