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Employee Spotlight: Meet Brihony Gills

October 4, 2019
Photo of Brihony

Brihony Gills  |  Territory Manager  |  Australia

Q. What is your role at Penumbra?

My journey so far has been amazing. I was initially employed with Penumbra as an Associate Territory Manager and now have my own Territory, which I am loving. I am part of the Australian team, and I look after a section of Victoria and Tasmania.

In Australia, we are hybrid reps. This means we look after both neuro and peripheral business within our territory. What I do love is that each day is different, and you really never know how the day will unfold. The role is challenging and very rewarding, I absolutely love it!

A typical day in my territory varies greatly. The only thing that is constant is my morning coffee boost. A few examples of how I spend my time is visiting with customers to build and maintain my relationships, supporting cases, and educating through in-services. Each day is different and with the nature of our work, a day I have planned can quickly change with an unplanned case.

Q. What drew you to Penumbra; and what keeps you here?

I was looking to leave my nursing role and get into industry. I wanted to work for a company which was making a difference in people’s lives and also sell products I genuinely believed in. Penumbra has been the perfect fit for me. I adore the team I work with, and I just love that we really do make a difference to people when they need it most.

Q. Describe a travel adventure that you’ll never forget.

Whilst visiting the home office for my neuro training, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels were in town for Fleet Week. It was the most spectacular afternoon sitting in the sun and watching. I will never forget it.

Q. What’s a career lesson you’ve learned thus far?

If you commit to doing something, make sure you not only follow through, but do it as best you can!

Q. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

I have actually learnt not to sweat the small things. Life is too short to be hung up on trivial things. I always make the most of every opportunity and encourage my children to do the same. Something that seems a big deal today will most likely be insignificant sooner than you think.

Q. What is your personal philosophy?

As I touched on earlier, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” It really is a simple and effective way to help maintain a positive outlook. Things good and bad will always happen along the way, but it’s what we do when they happen that really affects the outcome!


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