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Celebrating National Physical Therapy Month

October 26, 2023
Collage of Physical Therapists using REAL System VR headset with patients

October is National Physical Therapy Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the PT profession, its positive impact on health and wellness, and the practitioners who make it possible for patients across the U.S. to regain the strength, mobility, and confidence they need to live comfortably and pain free.

In the U.S., hundreds of thousands of physical therapists are helping patients every day. Whether in outpatient PT settings or in-patient rehabilitation centers and hospitals, physical therapists play a vital role in helping patients along the road to recovery from strokes, sports injuries, and more.

The Power of PT

Physical therapists can play a major role in the lives of patients – and they’re often among their biggest supporters.

Not only do physical therapists develop treatment plans and guide patients through exercises and manual therapy, but they also serve as motivators and partners to patients as they work together to meet their goals. They make a positive impact in a patient’s confidence, engagement, and excitement about treatment to help them achieve their objectives faster.

In a 2022 survey conducted by Penumbra and YouGov, 74% of physical therapists told us compliance to therapy is by far the biggest patient challenge they face, followed by lack of patient motivation (40%). Yet, patient engagement and compliance has proven to be a critical element in accelerating recovery. But motivating those who are in pain or struggling, while helping them stick with their treatment plan, and work their hardest in therapy, can sometimes pose a challenge in PT and rehabilitation.

Physical therapists on the REAL® team and our partner organizations across the U.S. get creative to help keep patients on track. Watch how here. Whether they are leveraging immersive virtual reality exercise activities on the REAL y-Series™, fostering an emotional connection, showing patients their progress with data, or coming up with new exercise challenges, PTs show up for their patients in a myriad of ways. Read on to learn how physical therapists from the REAL team and across the U.S. embrace the power of PT, what makes the practice rewarding and impactful, and how they work with patients throughout their recovery journeys.


As a PT, I enjoy challenging my patients and pushing them to succeed. Especially during the peak of the pandemic, I loved getting my geriatric patients to exercise, including squatting, and walking with a kettlebell!” – Nicholas Schneid PT, DPT, Immersive Healthcare Territory Manager

“When I first started treating [my patient] Chris with conventional exercises, he demonstrated fear-avoidance behavior with all lumbar flexion due to radicular LE pain bilaterally. We recently started using the REAL System and Chris was able to perform seated LS flexion without any apprehension or pain!” – Physical therapist treating patient Chris from our patient highlight

Thank You, Physical Therapists!

Each day, physical therapists improve the lives of millions through their rehab work. Americans engaged in recovery from debilitating strokes, painful injuries, and traumatic accidents can improve their physical abilities, regain their independence, and get back to their lives in the real world thanks to the practice of PT.

Here at Penumbra, we’re committed to developing immersive products designed for healthcare, so therapists and patients can create new ways to get motivated, reach goals, and have fun together.

Throughout October, we’re sharing how REAL clinicians and users Keep PT REAL on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow along this PT Month and get involved by sharing your experiences as a physical therapist or patient on social media with the hashtag #KeepPTREAL.

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