Neuro Embolization System

Illustration of neuro embolization products consisting of PC 400 Coiled and packed into a sphere and pod400 & pac400 in a vessel
  • Penumbra’s advanced engineering has led to a range of differentiated coils designed for aneurysms, fistulas, vessel sacrifice, and other malformations. Our PC400 System provides a range of complex and helical shaped coils designed for aneurysms from 2–32 mm in diameter. With a .020″ primary diameter, PC400 is engineered to be a soft implant while providing greater volume per coil. POD400 and PAC400 devices are designed for predictable, precise vessel occlusion. Anchor with POD400 and pack with PAC400 to optimize effectiveness. Additionally, Penumbra has combined advanced engineering with features of current 10-system coils to create SMART COIL®, an embolization system designed to simplify complex cases. This platform provides the most unique and differentiated neuro coiling platform on the market.

    • SMART COIL is compatible with .0165″ (.419 mm) microcatheters
      • Complex and helical (WAVE) shapes
      • Sizes ranging from 1 mm to 18 mm in diameter
    • PC400, POD400 and PAC400 are compatible with .025–.027″ microcatheters
      • PC400 has complex and helical (CURVE) shapes
      • PC400 sizes range from 2 mm to 32 mm in diameter
      • .020″ primary diameter
      • POD400 provides an anchor
      • PAC400 used to pack behind a POD400 or or PC400 backstop
    • One-click mechanical detachment
    • Ultra-HD Fiber for stretch resistance on all coils

MRI Compatibility

Neuro Embolization Products


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