Neuron MAX 088 Access System

Neuron Max 088 Access System used for Neurovascular Access

Neuron MAX 088 is designed for neurovascular use delivering MAX support for today’s most advanced therapy options.
Penumbra Select Catheters enable Rapid Primary Access into final position, eliminating the need for an over-the-wire exchange.

  • Neuron MAX 088

    • 6 F long sheath
    • .088″ (2.24 mm) lumen allows for a wide range of device compatibility
    • Optimised proximal shaft for support throughout aortic arch
    • Soft, atraumatic tip design for distal placement
    • Full distal shaft radiopacity for optimal visualisation throughout procedure
    • Compatible with 6 F (2.21 mm) Select Catheter for Rapid Primary Access delivery to final position

    6 F Select Catheters

    • Allows for easy selection off of arch into desired vessel
    • Designed to facilitate atraumatic placement into distal vasculature
    • Can be used for diagnostic angiogram – .040″ (1.02 mm) lumen
    • Compatible with all .035″–.038″ (.89 mm–.97 mm) guidewires
    • Seamless transition zone with no shelf facilitates atraumatic advancement
      • 6 F (2.21 mm) Select Catheter designed for use with Neuron MAX 088

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