BENCHMARK 071 Access System

BENCHMARK™ 071 Access System

The BENCHMARK 071 Access System combines Penumbra’s innovative tracking technology with its original Neuron Intracranial Access concept. The result is a next-generation 6 F (2.11 mm) guide catheter built for delivery of today’s most complex therapies. Enables Rapid Primary Access when utilised with the 5 F (1.73 mm) Select Catheter.

    • .071″ (1.80 mm) lumen, enabling dual device delivery
    • Optimised shaft for support throughout aortic arch
    • Full radiopaque distal shaft
    • Offered pre-packaged with Penumbra 5 F (1.73 mm) Select Catheter, designed for Rapid Primary Access to optimise delivery to final position, eliminating an over-the-wire exchange

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