BENCHMARK 071 Access System

Illustration of the Tip of the BENCHMARK 071 Access System for use in neurovascular access

The BENCHMARK 071 Access System combines Penumbra’s innovative tracking technology with its original Neuron Intracranial Access concept. The result is a next-generation 6 F (2.11 mm) guide catheter built for delivery of today’s most complex therapies. Enables Rapid Primary Access when utilised with the 5 F (1.73 mm) Select Catheter.

    • .071″ (1.80 mm) lumen, enabling dual device delivery
    • Optimised shaft for support throughout aortic arch
    • Full radiopaque distal shaft
    • Offered pre-packaged with Penumbra 5 F (1.73 mm) Select Catheter, designed for Rapid Primary Access to optimise delivery to final position, eliminating an over-the-wire exchange

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