RED 62 is Penumbra’s most versatile Reperfusion Catheter providing advanced trackability even in the most challenging anatomy.

  • RED Reperfusion Catheters (RED 72, RED 68, and RED 62) are designed to remove thrombus and restore blood flow in the neurovasculature using aspiration. Every case is different, and the RED family of catheters provides a full range of products designed to optimize lumen size and trackability for the situation. All three products feature new REDglide technology which is designed to improve catheter interaction with vessels and to enhance delivery in tortuosity.

    • .062″ (1.57 mm) Lumen : Delivers powerful aspiration
    • .076″ (1.93 mm) Outer Diameter: Low profile for easy access
    • Atraumatic Design: Engineered to effortlessly navigate tortuous anatomy
    • 138 cm Length: To reach target vessel
    • 11 material transitions: Optimized for performance in complex distal anatomy
    • Delivers and maintains nearly pure vacuum (-29.2inHg or 98.9 kPa)a
    • Simple set-up
    • Integrated clot catcher
    • Disposable Penumbra ENGINE Canister
    • Compatible with all Penumbra System Reperfusion Catheters

    a. Data on file at Penumbra, Inc

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