Neuron Intracranial Access System

Catheter Tip on Neuron070

The Neuron™ Intracranial Access System is designed for the distal placement into the neurovasculature, providing intracranial support and a wide range of device compatibility.

  • Neuron 6F 070 Delivery Catheter

    • 6 F (2.11 mm) guide catheter
    • .070″ (1.78 mm) lumen allows for dual therapy treatments
    • Optimised proximal shaft for support throughout aortic arch
    • Soft, atraumatic tip for distal placement
    • Full distal shaft radiopacity for optimal visualisation throughout procedure
    • Compatible with Penumbra 5 F (1.73 mm) Select Catheters for Rapid Primary Access delivery to final position

    Neuron 053

    • .053″ (1.35 mm) lumen
    • 6 F (2.01 mm) proximal to 5 F (1.68 mm) distal tapered outer diameter
    • Allows for easy selection off of arch into desired vessel
    • Facilitates atraumatic placement into distal vasculature
    • Can be used for diagnostic angiogram – .040″ (1.02 mm) lumen
    • Compatible with all .035″ – .038″ (.89 mm – .97 mm) guidewires
    • Seamless transition zone with no shelf facilitates atraumatic advancement

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