POD System


The POD System is comprised of POD and POD Packing Coil. Like Ruby Coil, POD and POD Packing Coil are large-volume, detachable coils and can be delivered through LANTERN, a high-flow microcatheter. POD and POD Packing Coil feature an instant, single-click mechanical detachment system.

POD is designed for high-flow vessel sacrifice. The softness varies along the length of the coil. The distal segment of POD is stiffer, helping the coil to anchor. The remainder of the coil is softer, allowing the device to densely pack behind the anchor segment.

POD Packing Coil
POD Packing Coil is designed to conform to a variety of vessel sizes. POD Packing Coil is engineered to pack densely behind a POD or Ruby Coil backstop.

Risk Information

Caution: Prior to use, please refer to the Instructions for Use for complete product indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events, and detailed instructions for use.

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  • Designed for high-flow vessel sacrifice
  • Distal anchoring segment
  • Soft packing segment
  • Coil sizes range from 4 mm to 8 mm

POD Packing Coil

  • Designed to conform to a variety of vessel sizes
  • Engineered to pack densely behind a POD or Ruby Coil backstop
  • Available in 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm lengths


Last Modified: February 2019