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Penumbra System® ACE Family of Reperfusion Catheters

Penumbra’s ACE family of Reperfusion Catheters (ACE68, ACE64, and ACE60) represents the latest generation of the Penumbra System intended for use in the revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to large vessel occlusion disease. The ACE catheter design further increases the distal and proximal lumen sizes providing optimal trackability and even greater aspiration power.

The ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter is Penumbra’s most powerful and trackable reperfusion catheter to date. It is designed to easily navigate tortuous vessels to facilitate extraction of clot quickly and reliably through its large .068″ inner lumen with the full vacuum aspiration power of the Pump MAX.

Risk Information

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Prior to use, please refer to the Instructions for Use for Penumbra System and Pump MAX for complete product indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and detailed instructions for use.

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ACE68 Reperfusion Catheter

  • Large .068″ inner lumen designed to optimize clot extraction from proximal large vessels
  • Extended flexible distal shaft enhances tracking through tortuosity
  • 16 transition zones enable 1:1 force transmission
  • Unique coil-winding geometry and new proximal polymer segment maximize pushability
  • Beveled tip improves navigation
  • Part of the Penumbra System®, intended for use with Pump MAX and Hi-Flow Aspiration Tubing

ACE64 Reperfusion Catheter

  • Large .064″ distal/.068″ proximal inner lumen designed to enhance clot extraction
  • Nitinol reinforced distal lumen improves tracking through tortuosity
  • 14 transition zones resist kinking
  • Part of the Penumbra System, intended for use with Pump MAX and Hi-Flow Aspiration Tubing

ACE60 Reperfusion Catheter

  • .060″ distal / .068″ proximal inner lumen designed to improve clot extraction
  • Extended flexible distal shaft enhances navigation
  • 12 transition zones enable smooth force transmission and kink resistance
  • Nitinol round wire reinforcement maintains lumen integrity
  • Part of the Penumbra System, intended for use with Pump MAX and Hi-Flow Aspiration Tubing

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